Brad McMullan has a unique perspective, with a background that includes business leadership, church leadership, writing, producing, coaching and journalism. As a journalist, the Two-time Emmy Award Winner, covered some of the biggest news stories in history, from Hurricane Katrina, to the trial of Edgar Ray Killen (Mississippi Burning Case) and the 2008 Presidential Election.   

In business, McMullan helped disrupt the mobile app and digital marketing industry with affordable mobile application development for businesses, schools, churches and politicians. McMullan has over seen the publishing of more than 10,000 mobile apps and has consulted & worked with some of the most recognizable name brands in the world.  For his success, McMullan has received more than a dozen leadership awards and was named the Executive of the Year by the MCC. 

McMullan serves on multiple business boards and two national non-profit boards and small businesses seed fund board. Videos that feature McMullan, have been viewed more than

50 million times on YouTube and in more than 100 countries..   


Brad McMullan is more than just an award winning CEO....

Award-winning CEO & 

Public Speaker